Stretching the Wedding Budget: How to Save on Your Floral Arrangement

One of the main uses for cut flowers is in weddings, and flowers like roses and peonies can end up costing thousands of dollars, especially for a large wedding party and reception. If you're looking for ways to cut costs, you might be thinking that money for fresh floral arrangements just isn't in the budget, but this is simply not true! You can still enjoy the timeless freshness of flowers at your wedding if you know a few budgeting tips for creating elegance.

Make a few flowers go a long way.

While you may dream of cascades of orchids, roses, or peonies, remember that less is more when it comes to large, fragrant blooms and especially when it comes to your budget. If you love a particular type of flower, but it would cost too much to use it for bouquets and centerpieces, choose to feature the flowers where they matter most. For some brides, this might mean having one bloom at every table or focusing on her bridal bouquet and using less expensive flowers in other places. For example, hydrangeas might be lovely for a summer wedding, but they are often pricey. Instead, choose a few stems of hydrangeas, and use a smaller flower, like a wax flower, to fill in the gaps. This way, you get the beauty of a pricey bloom without paying for a several-stem bouquet. 

Stick with the season.

One thing that really racks up costs is choosing flowers that are out of season. Those who choose summer weddings usually have a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Those having autumn, spring, and winter weddings need to get a bit more creative. For spring, you might opt for tulips or anemone flowers. For fall, you could make a more rustic bouquet with late-blooming wildflowers, mums, and Queen Anne's lace. Winter bouquets could feature snowberries, holly, and calla lilies. 

Choose budget blooms.

One of the most obvious choices for saving on fresh flowers is to choose cheaper options. This doesn't mean you are doomed to a bouquet of carnations, the go-to flower for low-budget arrangements. These other choices can be quite stunning:

Sunflowers. These are great for a late summer or early autumn wedding. Sun colors can be lucky at weddings, and sunflowers are so large that they can easily make an arrangement with fewer stems. 

Wax flowers. These tiny flowers have many small blooms on a single stem, which makes them great for filling in spaces in bouquets. They have a cute and delicate five-petal bloom but can remain sturdy in an arrangement. 

Camellias. These flowers have the fragrant delicacy that is similar to that of a peony, but they are not as heavy or as tied to the seasons. They are available almost year round, making them a great stand-in for brides who like the look of peonies but not the price tag.

Gladiolus. These tall flowers are great for making a statement in taller or larger centerpieces. They can also add visual interest to cascade bouquets.

Baby's breath. At one time, it was used only as a filler for roses and other arrangements. However, wedding trends show people moving toward rustic decor, and baby's breath can stand on its own in a metal can or mason jar, making it the ultimate budget-friendly centerpiece. 

You can talk to a professional such as Bouquet Flower Shop for more information about what flowers will be in season during your wedding. 

Use greenery and other decor.

Another great trend in weddings is using more greenery than flowers in a bouquet. Featuring things like leaves, ferns, grasses, and seed stems can be a great way to reduce costs. You can also bring color into a bouquet by using ribbons, jewels, or other non-floral items. If you use plenty of greenery, you can opt for a few more expensive flowers to stand out against the green backdrop in a bouquet. 

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