Beauty with a Splash of Practicality: 3 Types of Flowers That Can Be Used in Aromatherapy to Relieve Stress

Seeing beautiful flowers wilt and need to be thrown away is such a shame. The petals of many flowers can be collected before the flowers wilt, and those petals can then be used in aromatherapy. All you have to do is place a container with flowers submerged in vegetable carrier oil in the sun for one to two weeks. The oils from the flowers will diffuse into the oil. At this point, the plant material can be strained from the oil. Use fresh flowers to make your own aromatherapy oils. Here are three types of flowers that can be used to relieve stress.

Jasmine Flowers

Beautiful white jasmine flowers make for great fillers. They can be arranged with many other different types of flowers. Their soft and subtle appearance only works to complement the bouquet without attracting too much attention. One of the main keys to arranging jasmine flowers is to allow the vines and the flowers to flow in their natural direction without fighting their natural curves. These flowers are typically used to frame floral art pieces.

On top of being absolutely gorgeous and easy to maintain, jasmine flowers can be used for aromatherapy purposes. The essential oil derived from jasmine flowers are a popular remedy for boosting people's moods, overcoming stress, and providing relief from depression and anxiety. The essential oils act as a sedative and will help you relax or even get a good night's rest.

Geranium Flowers

Another beautiful filler is the geranium flower. The beautiful purple flowers provide a nice contrast to white flowers, dark-colored flowers, and flowers of complementary colors. They blend well with pink and other purple flowers as well. They are easy to work with and well-worth incorporating into bouquets due to their inexpensive price tag. When you guy geraniums, you're definitely getting a bargain.

Beauty is not the only feature that these flowers possess. They also smell absolutely amazing. The feminine, floral aromas found in these flowers are still relatively light, which allows the oils from these flowers to blend well with other oils. Essential oils derived from Geranium flowers have been known to provide the user with an uplifting experience. They are very refreshing and relaxing and can easily help lighten moods and relieve you from stress, anxiety, and depression.


The focal flower of many bouquets is roses regardless of what colors they come in. These beautiful flowers represent love, elegance, and harmony. They're not only a great flower to give to your loved ones, but also are a great choice for those looking for a bouquet that can improve the overall atmosphere and feel of their home. You don't necessarily have to purchase any fillers with a bouquet of flowers, as a bouquet filled with only roses incites feelings of romance and compassion.

Collect the rose petals before the roses wilt. When inhaled or used in aromatherapy, essential oils derived from roses fights depression, relieves stress, and invokes positive thoughts. The chemical compounds found within the essential oils also possess antiphlogistic and antiseptic properties. This essential oil can be used to sedate inflammation and even bring down fevers.


Depending on your preferences, you can even blend essential oils derived from different flowers together in order to create your own special mix. You'll be able to enjoy the benefits provided by each type of oil. Make sure you collect individual petals or whole flowers from the bouquet before they start to wilt. Otherwise, you won't be able to collect a lot of oil from the bouquet. It's generally a good idea to extract the essential oils from each type of flower separately. You can then choose to mix the final products if you wish.

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