3 Tips For Sending Flowers To An Ill Person

When someone is in the hospital or at home with a serious illness, your first instinct may be to send them a flower arrangement to show you care. Before you place an order, there are ways to find the right arrangement that is appropriate for their care setting and illness, while being a beautiful heartfelt expression.

Know Hospital Limitations

Before you send flowers to someone in a hospital or other care facility, make sure you know the regulations. If the person is in an intensive-care unit (ICU) they typically cannot accept flowers and, in some cases, other gifts. Live flowers can pose a hazard to patients in the ICU and other gifts, such as plush animals or balloons, are discourage due to space limitations. If you know someone in the ICU, it is best to wait until they are feeling better enough to be moved to a room before sending gifts.

Consider Silk Flowers

To err on the side of caution, silk floral arrangements are a better choice because there are little to no risk of adverse events associated with them. When the patient is moved to a room, you must also consider the comfort of others if they are moved to a semi-private room. Allergies to pollen or floral scent could cause problems for the person's roommate. Additionally, even once a patient is in their own room, you must consider the use of live flowers based on their medical problems. If there is a history of respiratory distress, such as mechanical ventilation, live plants are typically discouraged or forbidden. Silk flowers provide an excellent alternative to live plants because even if the person is quite sick, the arrangement will look like new until they are well enough to enjoy them.

Add Color

Once you have decided the type of get well flowers that are appropriate for the situation, you will likely ponder over a color scheme. If the patient has a favorite color, it is always best to incorporate this into your chosen arrangement. Ideally, since being sick can be a trying time, you will want to choose an arrangement that has warm colors. Red, yellow, and orange can give the patient a dose of sunshine even though they have not been outside for a while. Warm colors also provide nice contrast against greenery, such as ivy, which can be used to bulk-up an arrangement if you are on a limited budget.

Floral arrangements are the quintessential "get well" present. Taking extra precautions before you order can ensure your gift is well-received no matter the care setting or medical condition.

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