Surprise Your Loved One

If you want to surprise your spouse just to let them know that you are thinking of them, there are many things you can do. However, some of those things are more romantic than others. So, if romance is what you are going after, then you may want to take a look at the information offered in this article. It will give you some solid advice on some of the different ways you can go about surprising them in a romantic way that lets them know how special they are to you.

Make them breakfast in bed – The secret to surprising your partner with a nice breakfast in bed that will be extra romantic and a real surprise is to not let them know it's coming and to get it in to them before they start to get out of bed. This may require you to shut some of the doors in the house, so they don't smell you cooking. Also, try to wake up and get started a bit early, so they may still be completely asleep while you are making noise in the kitchen. Place the food on one of your nicer plates and display it as if it were cooked in a fancy restaurant. Set it on a tray with a glass of juice and a small vase with a single flower in it. This is a sure way to wake your loved one up with a romantic surprise they will appreciate.

Spend a day doing little things for your partner – You can give your partner a fun day of romance by doing little things for them throughout the day. These small tokens of affection will be easy to do but will really let them know you spent the whole day thinking of ways to put a smile on their face. You can start by getting their morning shower ready for them. Then, if you know how they dress, have their clothes already laid out and ready to go for them. When you know they are ready to get out of the shower, you can have their breakfast and cup of coffee ready for them. While they are at work, you can call and have their favorite delivery food delivered to them right before lunch. When they come home, you can have the house cleaned and dinner on the stove. Rent their favorite movie and have it ready to go after the two of you finish eating. Finally, end the day by offering them a nice and relaxing massage that will really help them de-stress from their long day.

Have a bouquet of their favorite flowers delivered with a thoughtful card – Many people expect to get flowers on their birthday or on other special occasions. However, it can be a big surprise to get flowers for no reason, especially if they are accompanied by a romantic note telling them how much they mean to you. Contact a florist, like Heights Flower Shop, for help.

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