3 Tips For Getting The Flowers You Want At Your Wedding

When people think about weddings, they think about flowers. Flowers are a big part of many weddings. Flowers are used not just for the bouquet, but as a very important part of the decorations in many weddings. If flowers play a large role in your vision of your wedding, there are a few things you need to do to make sure that you get the floral arrangements you want for your wedding.

#1 Interview Floral Designers

It is important to understand that each floral designer will have their own style, just like each wedding dress designer has their own style and each wedding planner may have their own style and flair.

Don't just choose a floral designer for your wedding; interview them. Ask to look at pictures of their previous work to see if it aligns with your vision. Talk to them about your ideas, and see if they are on the same page as you. You want to connect vision-wise with your floral designer.

Taking the time to find a floral designer whose style fits with your vision is worth it if you want flowers to play a big part in your wedding.

#2 Go Seasonal & Local

Second, make sure you have a realistic idea about what type of flowers can be used in your arrangement. For the best and most affordable results, go first with flowers that are in season. Second, go with flowers that are grown locally, if possible.

Going for seasonal and local flowers will ensure that the flowers you choose for your designs are available for your wedding. Using seasonal flowers will also ensure your flowers are high-quality. Choosing flowers that are out-of-season can be expensive and hard to source, and may not be the same quality you are used to.

#3 Go With a Color Scheme

Third, try to go with a color scheme instead of a flower scheme. For example, instead of letting your florist know that you only want to use roses, let your florist know that you want your flowers to be in various shades of pink.

Let your florist know what type of design you are looking for as well. Do you want the arrangements to have a more classic look? A more modern look?

Giving your florist a color and design scheme, instead of a specific flower scheme, will allow your florist more flexibility. A color and design scheme will allow your florist to draw on all of your knowledge and incorporate flowers you may not have even thought about into a terrific design for your wedding. A color and design scheme also works well when you are trying to save some money.

If you want flowers to play a large role in your wedding, take the time to interview and find a floral designer whose style matches well with your own. Provide your floral designer with a color and design scheme instead of asking them to only use certain flowers in your design. If there are specific flowers you want included in your arrangements, try to choose local, seasonal flowers.

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