The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make When Designing Flower Arrangements - And Why You Should Trust A Florist

Designing your own flower arrangements seems like a pretty simple task. You just put some flowers in a vase, spread them out, and you're good to go, right? Unfortunately, there's a little more that goes into making a great looking flower arrangement.

For a simple display around the house a simple approach might be okay, but if you have an important event or anniversary that you're trying to commemorate, "okay" won't do. Here's a look at the three most common mistakes people make when designing their own flower arrangements and why you're almost always better off trusting a professional florist.

Mistake #1: Using too many types of flowers You might be tempted to think that putting a large variety of flowers into an arrangement makes for a more appealing look, but the opposite is actually true. Take a look at what most florists offer - basic arrangements with one main type of flower, maybe two main types, and smaller flowers to serve as an accent.  If you just choose a small number of flowers that go together, you'll have a much better-looking design.

Mistake #2: Not using enough flowers

For the most part, more flowers in an arrangement is always better. Take a look at the pictures you see on Valentine's Day and you'll see photos of arrangements tightly packed with flowers and filler. No matter the size of the arrangement, the goal is to make sure the flowers have very little wiggle room. This makes sure your display stays as you intended it.

Mistake #3: Using either too long or too short stems

When it comes to the length of the flowers you're using, a general rule is that you want the stems to be near, but not touching the bottom of the vase. If you have flowers that sit well above the lip of the vase, your arrangement will look empty. If they sit too near the lip of the base, they may be strained by the weight of the stem and misshape. But with a stem that's just near the bottom, your flowers will be able to drink in and retain as much water as possible. And on that note, always cut your flowers at an angle.

There's a reason why flowers are big business - over $34 billion a year. It's something almost everyone purchases, and it's not something easy to do on your own. If you want to make sure your arrangements looks its best, skip the DIY and find a flower shop near you.

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Designing your own flower arrangements seems like a pretty simple task. You just put some flowers in a vase, spread them out, and you're good to go, r

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